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ER Visit

Holly D Gray3 Comments
The past week Caleigh's central line site has been oozy, yucky and gross. It just hasn't healed up like we thought it should after our surgeon removed the sutures. We kept blaming the ooze on healing. Trying to scab up. Yeah, right. So last night we changed her dressing again and told ourselves that we could make it until Monday to go into the surgeons office. After all, she didn't have a fever.

After the dressing change Caleigh didn't sleep at all. Have I ever mentioned how cranky I can be without sleep? It's bad. So Eric helped a lot and then we both ended up awake with her most of the night.

This morning I woke Eric up 10 minutes before he was supposed to be at work. He made it, but a few minutes late. We had OT at the house at 8:45. A Cedar Waxwing Bird (had to look it up) flew into our back glass door, fell on our dog, KoKo and immediately died. Our cleaning lady came and made the house sparkle again. All was well and semi-uneventful.

I was taking Caleigh out of her stander and I noticed she felt warmer than usually. I took an axillary temp and it was fine. I took a rectal temp and it was 100F. So that qualifies as a temp for Caleigh. So I packed everything except the kitchen sink. Called the GI doc. Eric headed home from work. We got to the ER at 3pm.

We were taken right back and things went fairly quickly. Blood cultures and urine cultures were taken. We did a chest x-ray and waited for the ER doc to talk to our GI doc.

Caleigh decided to not have a fever while we were there and she also decided to laugh, giggle and smile at everyone that came in. So it was decided that we would go home tonight and wait for the preliminary cultures to grow something. That should be about 24 hours. Caleigh got a dose of IV antibiotics before we left.

We made it home from the hospital around 7:30 tonight. Gave Caleigh her bath, hung her TPN and she is now resting peacefully in her own bed. So much better than a hospital fiasco and right on time to boot.

Eric and I aren't far behind Caleigh in the sleep department. Hopefully she will sleep tonight and we are praying that the cultures don't grow anything. A weekend at home would be wonderful.
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