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The Impulse Buy

Holly D Gray6 Comments
My garage is FULL of impulse buys for Caleigh. Things we thought might work at some point. Things that may have worked briefly. Things that worked but then we found something better to replace it. Things that didn't work at all but had been so extremely modified that it was beyond return. I've slowly learned how to gauge if something will work for Caleigh, but it definitely took some trail and error.

The other day I broke down and went to the mall to order some contacts. Mainly because I hadn't changed my contacts in the last 3 months and I feared my eyes may actually fall out. I had my vision checked back in October, but never made it back to place the order.

As soon as I walked in I saw the kids glasses frames. I immediately jumped on the "Caleigh needs a cool pair of sunglasses wagon."

Now let's back up two weeks....I just bought a pair...but they didn't work. They wouldn't stay on Caleigh's head. We've used straps, elastic and plastic. We've tried regular hang out on your nose glasses too. Nothing worked.
So why on earth I thought a $100 pair of SPF 40, Polarized glasses would work better is beyond me, but I went with it. The manager, seeing Caleigh, her tubes and her wheelchair decided we should get half off the frames and lenses. Very nice of him.

While ordering, Eric and I watched Caleigh pull a box of glass cleaner on the floor. We both smiled at each other while she worked her little heart out and when it fell we cheered and giggled. Ah, the little joys of achievement.

We got done and headed home. I joked how we just chunked another $100 bucks down the drain and felt guilty about it.
The next day Caleigh and I returned to pick up her new cool cat glasses. I almost cried. They fit beautifully, they stayed on and they don't hurt her little head. The real test came later that day getting out of the van. Usually Caleigh throws her head backwards as soon as the sun hits her face. It didn't happen. She held her head high and didn't act like the sun bothered her at all.
I'm so pleased with our little impulse buy. Maybe we should go shopping again....

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