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At about 6pm tonight we got the good news that Caleigh's cultures were negative so far. I say so far, because the lab will continue to watch the cultures for 5 days. So we wait to see if anything will grow for another 4 days.

Her lab work shows some indications that she might have something viral. That would be the best thing. I did take Caleigh into the pediatrician this past Tuesday for a broken blood vessel in her eye. We were there for 2 hours so maybe Caleigh picked something up while we were there.

This afternoon Caleigh's fever went up to 102.4F. Other than that her fever has been right around 100F. She was in a good mood all day and went to sleep easily this evening.

We woke up this morning in a waiting mode. Waiting to go back to the hospital. Waiting for the call. Our bags are still packed and will probably stay that way until Caleigh is in the clear. It's just crazy that a little fever can cause such a disruption in our lives. Every little illness is a hospital trip. Every little sniffle makes us jumpy.

It has been rainy all day which didn't help our intense need to be lazy. I didn't make Caleigh do a thing. We watched Toy Story & Sesame Street. We listened to music and we all took an hour and a half nap. Here and there I moved Caleigh's furniture out of her room and into the guest bedroom. Tomorrow we will be painting the walls in her room. Remodeling the house is a wonderful outlet.

This morning was the March for Babies. We've done it the last two years. Unfortunately, Everything that has happened with Caleigh since January totally threw me off with fund-raising and even the want to walk. I had decided about a month ago that this year just wasn't going to happen. No walk for us. Caleigh's fever didn't help the situation. So maybe next year the circumstances will be different and we can make it out.

Here's to happy, lazy, rainy home.
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