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3 inches

Holly D Gray2 Comments
3 inches.
That's how much Caleigh has grown in the last month. I swear I woke up on Monday, and not a moment before, to a kid that was 36 inches long. Last week Caleigh started sleeping really well. Naps were a breeze and night time was wonderful except for diaper changes. We were ecstatic.

It's crazy how being back on TPN and getting the vitamins and nutrition that she needs can cause such a growth spurt. First the mouth full of teeth, then the luscious curly locks and now 3 inches. It's really been a wonderful thing.

Today the tech from our DME company came out to adjust all of Caleigh's equipment. When we sat down to measure Caleigh I was flabbergasted over the growth. 3 weeks ago at the GI clinic Caleigh was 33 inches. No wonder NOTHING has been working. Yesterday, I put Caleigh in the pony gait trainer and had to adjust it a few inches. We haven't been able to keep Caleigh's head in place in her stander, and the wheelchair has been a total mess. I've secretly been using our trusty umbrella stroller instead of the wheelchair because it's just a constant re-positioning battle. Plus the umbrella stroller weighs tons less. Just the other day I pulled into Target...parked...thought about getting out and then decided it was just easier to go home.
So after the stander grew a few inches and the wheelchair was adjusted Caleigh was all set. Everything looked great and after a trip to the store this afternoon I can say that the wheelchair fits so much better.

Caleigh's little growth spurt has caused some issues as well. Her recently acquired control over her dystonic muscles has flown out the window. She is arching more, flinging her arms more, and generally more "excited" than she was before. This has made Caleigh and mommy more frustrated. So we've been working on more weight bearing to try to get her muscles caught up with the growth.

1 step forward 2 steps back. Always.

The tech also delivered Caleigh's first bath chair and a loaner KidWalk gait trainer to try. More on those next......
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