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Caleigh's KidWalk

Holly D Gray9 Comments
Last week we received a loaner Kidwalk gait trainer. You may remember that we also have a Pony. We've had the Kidwalk for a couple of days now and I'm already sold on the walking capabilities of it compared to the Pony. We only have this for a week and then we will order one just for Caleigh.
Caleigh actually picks her feet up and steps in the Kidwalk which doesn't happen with the Pony. Did you get that? Caleigh is taking steps......

This video is from the first day. Since then Caleigh isn't trying to eat the headrest as much and we have moved her to the patio outside. She's doing great so far.

Caleigh's friend Kendall is also trialing the Kidwalk so we decided to get them together this weekend for a little playdate. This photo makes me smile for many reasons, but mostly because Caleigh has a friend so much like her. I'm so thankful for our friendship.
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