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Family Photos 2010

Holly D Gray11 Comments
Being a photographer has it's perks, but at times you just want a family photo...a good family photo.....with you {the photographer} actually in the photo.

At this point Eric won't look at me if I have a camera in my hand, the dog won't look at me and I really have to sneak a pic of miss prissy pants if I want one.

When my friend Adrien offered up her photo services I jumped at the chance. I'm so pleased with how they turned out. She really caught Caleigh's smiles and even her serious side. I think Eric might have cracked a smile too....Enjoy the slide show and don't forget to check out Adrien's website where Caleigh is a star player in her gallery section. Oh, and if you want to see something super amazing check out the gallery Birth Day! on her website. It's sure to be a tear event!

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Technical Difficulties....I'm working on the entire slideshow box showing up!
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