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Goodbye TPN

"MayiPad4"Holly D Gray6 Comments
Starting tonight Caleigh will be off of TPN...again!! We went to our GI doctor yesterday and it was decided that Caleigh is gaining too much weight (1/2lb a week), her tube feeds are progressing wonderfully and her fluid requirements are almost fulfilled with g-button feeds. The TPN has got to go!
We initially talked about supplementing the extra 400ml of fluid through Caleigh's g-button daily. Giving her an ounce here and there while her continuous feeds are going 24 hrs. Then we talked about our GI leaving the country for 2 weeks. I didn't want anything happening dehydration wise while he was gone. So I asked for back up IV fluids to have at home and then we all decided that we should just do IV fluids instead of overwhelming Caleigh's guts with too much liquid to soon.
So the plan is to do 400ml for 8 hrs a night through the central line and continue to increase tube feeds like we have been doing, 1ml twice a week. My estimates will have Caleigh at full feeds and fluid requirements by June 26th.
So a few more weeks of clear IV fluids and then we will start talking about removing the central line. Life will be SO much easier when we aren't mixing TPN. I'm having dreams of summer time swimming and full on tub time! Maybe a road trip less complicated. Who knows what this will open up? I don't think I'm as excited this time around as I was the first time Caleigh stopped TPN. Experience and motherhood leads me to be waiting for the next hurdle, but until that happens we are over the top happy with Caleigh's progress!
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