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Mother's Day Weekend

Holly D Gray2 Comments
On Saturday morning I woke up with a huge urge to get in the car and go. I wanted to be outside and I wanted to take Caleigh somewhere she has never been before.
Before Caleigh was born Eric and I would get in the car and drive hours. We love hiking, camping and being in the quiet outdoors. We were always outside doing something when we lived in Florida. Things slowed down a bit when we moved back to Texas, but we would still have our little get aways.

I miss that SO much.

Eric and I have contemplated taking Caleigh camping on numerous occasions, but we just can't seem to wrap our minds around it. How would we mix her TPN? How would we hike with her? Where would she sleep? Would she be too hot? What if something happened? It seems like an overnighter isn't in our future unless it involves a refrigerator, hotel, RV or high end cabin.

So we got dressed, packed everything we could think of and headed about an hour south to the Dinosaur Valley State Park. We have a State Parks pass so this was a sure bet without spending a fortune. I hadn't been to Dinosaur Valley since I was a kiddo and I really didn't remember much of it. All I knew was that there was supposed to be dinosaur tracks that had been preserved.
We got there, didn't see a single dino track and had a great time. There were several trails that all led to the river. Most of the dinosaur tracks were on the other side of the river and since we had Caleigh we decided not to cross the water, but there was plenty of hiking and walking to be done. Turns out the park is a little too touristy for my liking, but we did find an equestrian trail that no one was on and that ended up being a really nice time.
It was great to get away from everything for a day.

Mother's Day was spent at Caleigh's grandparent's. We visited and then made it home in time for all of us to sleep. We were exhausted from our go go go weekend.

Caleigh's week ahead is pretty relaxed. No doctors appointments. Just lots of therapy. Our Normal.
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