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Full Feeds

Holly D Gray2 Comments
Caleigh is officially at full feeds. That is 45mls an hour for 24 hours a day. That equals up to 1080mls of Elecare, which is 36.5 ounces a day. Non-stop. Always hooked up to a tube. Backpack toting and tube tangling 24 hours a day.

That said, Caleigh has been TPN free for 26 days and has done amazingly well.

So as of tonight Caleigh is done using her central line for fluids. Up until now we have been doing 400mls of normal saline through her line for added fluid. Tonight we are done.

This afternoon we drew 6 vials of labs. The regular stuff and then some to check on vitamins and minerals. The results should be back by the end of the week. I had our GI add the extras just in case we don't have a central line much longer.

We added a vitamin K supplement today because Caleigh's clotting factors are too slow. Basically, she could bleed easily and have trouble stopping. She had been getting the vitamin K in her TPN. So since we stopped the TPN she hasn't been getting it. Caleigh's body hasn't picked up the responsibility yet. Just a little deficiency we can thank short bowel syndrome for.

So we wait, watch closely for changes in her output and pray this is the end of the central line. I can't get my hopes up too high, but who knows?

We go to see the GI doctor next week. I'm sure we'll set up more of a plan at that time. Maybe there will be swimming for Caleigh this summer. Maybe.
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