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What a crazy week

Holly D Gray1 Comment

Wow, this week has just been plain nuts and it's not over yet!

Monday our helper started and she's great so far. Caleigh likes her and quite honestly she treats Caleigh like a regular kid. That makes me happy. I'm still teaching her the routine but she's catching on quickly. She's in the other room playing with Caleigh as I type. I don't even feel guilty, which to me, means we have a good fit.

Tuesday we drew Caleigh's labs and her electrolytes look great. This means that she is wonderfully hydrated and balanced. Caleigh's clotting factors are elevated which means she may bleed more easily than normal. We will re-draw those labs this coming Tuesday to keep an eye on it.
Wednesday we were super busy. Caleigh had music therapy in the morning. Where we discovered she knows her animal sounds. Pig, Cow, Duck to be more specific. Then I took her to the dentist to discuss cleaning her teeth. We made an appointment for this coming Monday to have them cleaned in the office. No sedation or anesthesia required. Then we came home and I laid Caleigh down for a nap. One hour later we were in the car headed for a new speech evaluation. Our old speech place hired a new person that deals with augmentative communication. So we went and Caleigh showed off for her. Now we have a set appointment every Wednesday. I'm not sure what we will get out of it. The aac lady doesn't know the iPad or Proloquo2Go so I don't want it turning into me teaching her. That's not what were paying for. Caleigh's doing so well using the iPad, I'm not sure where to go from here, but I'm sure there is something else to do. I'm willing to try it.

Thursday Eric and I took Caleigh to The Retina Foundation for some vision testing. I have no clue what we did, but we will have the report in 3 weeks. There was cardboard and a lot of stripes involved so I'm interested in seeing what they conclude.

Today we had OT and PT and our helper has been with us all day. It's nice to be able to stay home for all the therapies at least one day a week.

Tomorrow we have 2 birthday parties. So tonight is all about resting up!
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