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Being a parent of a sick child is a club no one wants to be apart of. Since the day we found out Caleigh would be born with a birth defect, Eric and I joined that club. I get emails, comments through this blog and calls from our doctors matching us up to families in similar situations. Our experience can help those that are new to the club.

Often I wonder if the emotions are completely different for a family of a healthy child when they join the club. Is it harder to be living your life with your typical child and then an accident or a diagnosis changes everything you thought was normal.

My first thoughts of this happened during our inaugural trip to the ICU. Caleigh had turned blue, stopped breathing, Eric resuscitated her and then there was an ambulance trip to the hospital. Once things settled down I started to look around. These kids were older and all ages. There were accident victims, chronic children like Caleigh and even babies. It was a perspective I hadn't seen before. Kids with a full start on life that were now sick and living a different world.

So it made me start to wonder about the emotions involved and the differences between those who know about the challenges awaiting them from the get go and those who are thrust into this club unaware.

When Caleigh was born we didn't know anything about her. We didn't know her favorite food, color, pj's, movie, song and we didn't know what it felt like to hold her in our arms. All we had was love for our sick baby that we knew needed us and Lord knows that was enough to keep us by her side. As she gets older and has to endure medical procedures and differences from her peers it seems harder on us as parents. When she had her central line removed, Caleigh looked right at me crying, wanting the pain to stop. It gets harder the older she gets.

When you have a child that has a brilliant personality, walks, talks and tells you daily that they love you.....I can only imagine the difficulty when that child becomes sick.

This week our 4 year old niece joined the club unexpectedly. Her doctors found a large tumor and they believe it is cancer. Friday she will have surgery to remove it. I'm asking that you Pray for the family with all your might. That you Pray for strength, miracles, a fast recovery and a complete cure.

I badly want to tell them that I understand what they are going through, but the truth is I don't. Of course we understand the process, the technical, the mundane of hospital life, but I do not understand their specific emotions of having a healthy child one day and then everything changes the next. I just haven't been there, Caleigh has always been sick. It's very different and I know that now.
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