Made of Gray


Holly D Gray7 Comments
Yesterday we decided to paint with Caleigh...or let Caleigh paint however you look at it. We've been using the stander's tray as an easel lately. Painting, Coloring and playing with foods. It's been wonderful and Caleigh seems to really like it.
In the process of painting, Caleigh created a card for our GI nurse. She's leaving the office next week for a new job. Greener pastures and less hours...who wouldn't? She's been with us from the beginning. She is my 'go to girl' when things aren't getting done. I talk to her at least once a week and on hard weeks sometimes I will talk to her daily. She calls to check on Caleigh when she's not working and she always calls to check on us when we're in the hospital. She is truly a caring soul. I'm sad, we will miss her greatly.
It's been raining for the last couple of days and that makes the temperatures a little more bearable. Last night Caleigh and I were sitting in our rocking chair on the back porch watching it rain. I was talking about the rain and how it felt wet. Where rain came from, etc. Then we danced in the rain. Briefly, but Caleigh felt rain on her skin. We stepped out into the rain about 3 times, danced around and then headed inside. Caleigh was a bit startled each time the rain hit her, but didn't get upset. Then I asked her on the iPad if she liked dancing in the rain and she said "i don't know". Then I asked her if she wanted to do it again and she said "no". At least she knows what it feels like to dance in the rain now.

Today is our GI appointment. We have a long list of questions to ask and hopefully we will get some sort of plan out of the whole deal.
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