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Potty Training?

Holly D Gray12 Comments
The thought of potty training Caleigh seems a little crazy to me, but when talk of preschool started; potty training was one of the first things that I was told they would teach Caleigh. The teacher even showed me the potty area of the classroom.

It left me thinking about potty training a child with short bowel syndrome. We change Caleigh's diaper at minimum 10 times a day. Some days make it up to 20 times. Right now she is stooling at least 4 times a day. I read about other short bowel parents and how they trained their kids. It seemed easy peasy from everything I read.

So on to the next challenge. Caleigh uses a wheelchair and needs full assistance with lifting. Sitting up and balancing on a potty chair would be difficult. Caleigh uses the iPad to communicate, but we haven't exactly developed a signal when she wants to tell us something with the iPad. We give it to her....she talks. That's how it goes. So telling us when she needs to go could be hit or miss.

Last week I was ordering wipes online (we use a special sensitive kind) and the site I was ordering from also sold potty chairs. I had been investigating the different choices for a month or so, but didn't want to take the leap. When I saw the baby bjorn tall back potty chair I knew it would be a good start. So I showed Caleigh the colors online. Blue, White, Red, & Pink. I put those 4 colors in the ipad and had her choose which color potty she wanted. Caleigh immediately went for pink. I showed her the pink potty online and then asked her again for confirmation. She chose pink. So I ordered it.

When we got it in the mail a few days later I thought it would be a new fixture in Caleigh's playroom. Maybe we would sit on it. Read the book I bought. Talk about the potty. Just get used to it. I thought wrong.

Friday morning, after Caleigh woke up, I decided to sit her on the potty before putting a new diaper on her. I told her "big girls use the potty" and she proceeded to go poo on the potty. There was lots of cheering and I gave Caleigh a sticker to play with. Caleigh had the biggest smile on her face. She knew exactly what she was doing.

About an hour later I had created a makeshift potty chart and decided I better go with it. Strike while the irons hot and while she is interested. It's age appropriate, right? That first day we tried the potty several times. Every time I put Caleigh on the potty she would go. The stickers started to add up. I would put the sticker on Caleigh's pointer finger and then help her put it on the chart. She's all about the stickers. If I mention them she smiles like crazy.

So now here we are. Sitting on the potty throughout the day. Let me tell you a secret....I have NO clue what I'm doing. I have NO clue where to go from here. I basically have NO clue what I'm doing.

It's a lot of work getting Caleigh on the potty and then holding her up while she's excited. It's a lot of work wiping her tush and then getting a diaper back on her. We are still watching Caleigh's input and output. It's more work to weigh the potty cup and clean it out then just weighing a diaper and tossing it.

I've read about setting a timer. I've read about letting your child hang out naked. I just don't know what to do at this point. I know this will take time and by all means I'm not rushing things. I just need a plan to keep her interested and successful.

As of this morning Caleigh has 18 stickers on her potty chart. She's excited and we are excited. It's potty time.....Got to Go!
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