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Prayers for Avery

Holly D Gray3 Comments
Thank you to everyone for their thoughts and prayers. I've asked permission to post an update so that those that requested to have more details for your prayer requests could.
Avery is our niece, Caleigh's cousin. She is a brilliant, bright and super lovable 4 year old that up until last Tuesday was perfectly healthy.

Avery's surgery on Friday, to remove her tumor, was more extensive than first thought. The surgeons, who just happen to be Caleigh's surgeons, had to remove part of her colon and they spent a lot of time peeling the tumor away from her other organs.

Avery's tumor was a stage 3 Wilms tumor. They are currently waiting on the pathology report to determine how much chemo and radiation she will need. They should get the results tomorrow.

Avery is now recovering from surgery one day at a time.

I wouldn't wish having a sick child on anyone. Not a single soul. It breaks my heart that they are having to go through this and that Avery is having to even experience everything that goes along with hospital life. Most are things you just don't think about, but everything that happens in a hospital setting has an affect on the child. Whether we know it or not, it's a very scary experience.

Please keep their family in your prayers. Add Avery to your prayer chains & groups. She is a strong little girl. Pray for her fighting spirit to shine through. Pray for a favorable pathology report as well. I would also like to ask for your prayers for Eric's parents. Not only have they been through everything with Caleigh, they are now having to walk a similar road with Avery. The whole family is hurting. Prayers for strength and healing for everyone are deeply appreciated.

You can leave comments below for the family if you wish. I'll be sure to get each comment to them.
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