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I just can't believe that our little baby girl is 3 years old today! Caleigh is no longer a baby she is officially a BIG GIRL!
Tears of Joy and Tears of Triumph hang in our hearts today. I've found myself weepy this week and looking back at old photos.

At 3 years old you are still touching lives and taking names.
You are making more and more sounds, all day long.
You love to "sing" with your favorite songs.
Music makes your world turn.
Your favorite color is Blue.
You are blowing people away with your iPad skills.
Your luscious curls are the envy of all straight haired little girls.
You know your barn animals, body parts, basic colors & so much more.
Most of all you know exactly what you want and when you want it!
You sit on your pretty pink potty like such a big girl.
You get shy in new places and around large crowds.
Sitting all by yourself gets better everyday.
Your wiggle crawling is so much fun to watch and cheer on.
You look so chic and stylish in your purple glasses.
Your love of swimming combined with music is exciting.
You love it when Daddy makes the ZZZZZZ sound while we brush your teeth.
You sleep in your own bed all night long just like a big girl should.
Toy Story remains your favorite movie.
Dora & Strawberry Shortcake are coming up fast.
Sesame Street is still our morning staple.
Doing things "all by yourself" is your favorite and the most motivating.
Your smile lights up a room and our hearts yearn to see it each and every day.

Today you weigh just a few ounces shy of 30 lbs and your 34 inches long. You are wearing 5T tops & 4T bottoms in the waist not the length. You already need a personal tailor! Your teeny tiny feet are a size 4 which equals the size of a 12 month old. Your definitely taking after your mommy on that one.
This morning when I woke you up singing Happy Birthday; you smiled SO big it filled my soul. This birthday is going to be the best yet. You know what your birthday is. We've practiced singing the Happy Birthday song all week long and we've talked about your party for days now. We have a small party set for this afternoon. It's really going to be special.

Happy Birthday Big Girl! Your 3rd year is going to be the healthiest and best yet! Mommy and Daddy Love you SO much!
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