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And they thought she would never....

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So I mentioned earlier that our speech therapist didn't think she was challenging Caleigh enough and wanted to revise her goals. When we met with her this week she brought one of those 'wonderful' standardized tests to see if Caleigh is totally age appropriate in speech-cognition. I was apprehensive.
She blew through the 2 yr old section and only missed about three things on the 3 yr old section. Those three things were mostly related to fine and gross motor issues and my lack of trying. For example, completing a 3 step non-related process, i.e. go pick up your toys, rub your belly, drink from your cup. I can honestly say that I've never asked Caleigh to do 2-3 things in a row. I will now.

Plus you get your whole 3rd year to reach all of those goals. Caleigh just turned 3. So she's ahead of the game so far thanks to the iPad & Proloquo2Go and a pretty amazing brain.

After she was done with the test we tried some little cards that explained situations.

The cards were set up like this:
One card had a picture of a lady with a seat belt on and two children with belts on behind her. They were floating in air. The card said "your mom drives this"

Then we would show Caleigh two more cards. One was a picture of a ring and had the word below it. The other was a picture of a car with the word below it.

Caleigh picked the car.

Q. Your mom drives this
A. Car

All together Caleigh did 8, she got 6 right. She missed, You unlock a door with this; we use the garage to enter our house so she hadn't seen that before and You wash your hair with this; she looked up and smiled a clever little grin and chose hat instead of shampoo. I'm thinking she did that on purpose. Caleigh knows what shampoo is.

Those cards and Caleigh's quick responses were amazing to me. She's been listening and picking up on everything.
On a side note, I did finally receive the school district's evaluation after I sent in a certified written request. They consider Caleigh Mentally Retarded by their test numbers and their evaluation.

Getting that packet made me realize that Eric and I made the right decision in homeschooling Caleigh.
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