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August in Texas is definitely here. I took Caleigh to OT the other day. We were inside for maybe an hour. We came out and I got Caleigh all strapped in. The temperature in the van said 117 degrees outside. On the 30 minute drive home it only cooled down to 108. August in Texas.

So we've been laying low this week when possible. We just don't want Caleigh getting too hot or dehydrated. She's done well so far with her fluid other than a tube malfunction Wednesday. Were not sure how much we actually fed the bed that night and how much Caleigh actually got. It's not the first time that's happened and I'm sure it won't be the last. Oh well, I'm chalking it up to a toddler refusing her peas and carrots that day. Natural fluctuations in feeding.

The beginning of the week started off rocky with Caleigh not sleeping. Her allergies have been slowly getting worse and by Sunday night we all got about 2 hours of sleep. Caleigh has been grinding her teeth terribly and telling us she is sleepy all the time. It took me awhile, but I finally put it all together. Monday afternoon we went to see our Pedi. She switched Caleigh to Nasonex and told us to slowly wean her off of Zyrtec after 5 days on the Nasonex. After about the second day on Nasonex Caleigh was sleeping well again. The grinding has gone down and the sneezing has gotten better. Caleigh isn't always so tired either.

While we were at the Pedi I showed them a rash on Caleigh's back that wasn't going away. It had been there for 3 weeks. Not really getting better but not really getting worse. It didn't seem to bother Caleigh. They gave us a hydrocortisone foam and three days later the rash was gone. The thought is that maybe Caleigh came in contact with a latex pool float or something like that. Who knows, she has such sensitive skin.

Going to the pediatrician and talking about medicines made me think about the amount of meds Caleigh has been on and is on now. Caleigh is on the least amount of meds I think she has ever been on. She gets the Nasonex for allergies, Sulfasalazine for ulcers and that's it in the medicine category. We also give her milled flaxseed for fiber and good omegas, oreganol oil for bacterial overgrowth and a multi vitamin daily. We also give a pro-biotic every three days. At the height of Caleigh's medicine schedule we were doing 24 doses of meds per 24 hours. It was crazy! I'm not sure how we kept everything straight. It's so incredibly nice to have her on just a few meds. It's a major accomplishment.

Caleigh's glasses have become the newest pain in our lives. She's figured out that she can take them off. She pulls them off...I put them on...she pulls them off....I put them on. You get the drift. Countless times a day we play this game. When we aren't playing the on/off game, I'm usually cleaning them so that she can actually see. We've already gone to get them adjusted once and I am planning on getting them adjusted again this coming week. Somehow Caleigh already scratched one of the lenses too. Probably on a toy. There are pros to the glasses and the biggest one is that Caleigh is definitely seeing better. Another bonus is that random strangers are treating her older then they have before. It's interesting. She's not a baby anymore, but people always treat her like one. Maybe the glasses will help that. It's only been a week so who knows.

Potty training is going well. Caleigh has told me that she needs to use the potty (on her iPad) a total of 4 times and actually went. Sometimes she will tell us that she needs to use the potty when she wants her diaper changed because we do change her diaper after she sits on the potty. Smarty pants, it's a closer choice on the iPad and she doesn't have to reach as much. We went to the store the other day to get some of our pre-school stuff laminated. I promised Caleigh she could pick out some stickers. I went to do the laminating first. Caleigh threw a small fit. I kept her calm by reasoning with her and talking about the kinds of stickers she could get. When we were done laminating she picked out some shiny smiley face stickers. She held on to them all the way to the cash register and didn't make a peep the whole time. Those are her special stickers for when she tells me that she needs to go. I had to make a larger potty chart because Caleigh already filled up the first one. Caleigh is now going regularly when she first wakes up, before nap and before bed. If I'm good and we are home, I will set her on the potty throughout the day too. There for a while she would go every time I sat her on the potty. I was beginning to think that she just always had to go, but the other day she stooled after sitting on the potty for quite some time and a little coaching from mom and dad. I think she has control, I'm hoping. I do know one thing...I need to be the one in training. I need to be more consistent, but I've decided that potty training will be apart of our pre-school program and I will get serious about it then. Overall, Caleigh is still loving using the potty and she is doing a great job!

This coming week will be the countdown to Caleigh's 3rd birthday. I can't believe she will be three. Geesh, how time flies.....
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