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1. Caleigh's glasses 'seem' to be staying on better. We are still going for weekly adjustments though. If we keep her active then she doesn't pull them off as much. Got to keep those hands busy.

2. Our new speech therapist had a light bulb moment with Caleigh. I was asking Caleigh to touch the blue key on the piano. She did it. I asked her to touch the green key. She did it. Orange, Red, Yellow & Pink. She did it. Our girl knows her colors. The therapist looked at me and said " I think we need to re-work Caleigh's goals. She's a smart girl." Yes she is.

3. Monday we had our orthotics lady come out to check on Caleigh's AFOs. They have been leaving marks on her feet, and they look way to short. She re-casted her for a new pair which we should receive in about 3 weeks.

4. Monday the DME people came out to do some more adjustments on Caleigh's equipment. They adjusted the stander...again and adjusted the wheelchair....again. Maybe the second time will do the trick. Everything looks good right now. We also talked about a toilet seat for Caleigh and we decided to go ahead and get the ball rolling on the paperwork.
5. On Wednesday we went to the neurologist for our yearly check-up. The appointment was plain with no excitement. We discussed seizures and meds and he told us that Caleigh didn't need to be on the meds if she isn't having seizures. Agreed. We showed him the iPad and Caleigh told him that "I need kisses mommy please." He giggled, shook his head, I gave Caleigh kisses. He was happy to hear that we ordered the powerchair. He noticed that Caleigh's left calf is getting a little tight. Hopefully with the new AFOs that can get worked out on it's own. He also had the same reaction that our GI did when I mentioned that we were working on potty training. It was kind of a disbelief, giggle, smile. It was funny to watch....again. Overall, he said that he was very impressed with Caleigh's receptive language. We go back in six months to visit again.

6. On Thursday I met a friend for coffee and we ended up going to test drive the Honda Odyssey Mini-Van. It was pure bliss as far as mini-vans go. Yep, I just said that. It really got me thinking about a ramp van and getting around once Caleigh has her powerchair.

7. Yesterday was Friday. Eric worked. Our nanny had the day off. It was just Caleigh and I. It was so incredibly nice. We went swimming twice. Once in the morning and then again in the evening. We dried off floating on the hammock both times. We watched movies. We listened to music. Caleigh took a nice long (for her) nap. While she did that, I washed and vacuumed out the van in an attempt to make it look and feel as shiny and new as the Honda I drove one day earlier. I think the only thing I'm missing now is that new car smell and a van payment. The day was so relaxing I wish we could have at least one of those a week.
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