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Music Prep

Holly D Gray9 Comments
On Friday, I took Caleigh to our first music prep class at TCU. It didn't go well. We made it through the hello song, Caleigh even waved twice, which she doesn't do. As soon as the song was over she lost it. Alligator tears, puckered lip, totally upset. I took her out in the hall to calm her down and it actually took longer than usual. Once she was better we made it back in. I stood with her and bounced, bounced, bounced trying to make whatever song they were singing somewhat better. If my bounce slowed the lip would emerge. During the last, drawn-out note she lost it again. We went back in the hall and I had to stay as far away from the room as possible because she was upset even hearing it through the door. When the class was over I told the instructor that it just wasn't going to work. Hopefully we can still get a refund at this point.

Music and Caleigh are a very complicated thing. From the week she was born there was classical music playing in her isolate. The girl has been listening to music non-stop since then. As I type this, we are listening to the sound track of Glee. She's grinning from ear to ear. Caleigh's life IS a soundtrack.

I noticed a sensitivity to certain tones at 4 months old. We were in one of the day-rooming in rooms in the NICU. It was around Christmas, quiet, and I was humming and singing Silent Night to my very sick baby. Right there her lip puckered out and she lost it. I stopped singing immediately. To this day humming anything is bad news. Caleigh sticks out the warning lip shortly before breaking down so there is a chance to recover before the full tantrum. But still, what mom doesn't rock and hum to their baby? I had to constantly remind myself not to hum.

I'm going to be the first to admit it, I can't sing. So I thought my kid couldn't stand my singing voice. To try and prove that wrong, we've tested the theory with Eric, Mimi and Uncle Heath with similar results. It wasn't just me.

Groups of people singing to Caleigh with no background music, i.e. Happy Birthday song, has always ended up with a breakdown until this year. There was a hint of a lip pucker but we made it through.

The handful of times we've attempted going to church it ended very badly. As soon as the organ or microphone comes on she losses it.

Caleigh likes the ukulele, but not the guitar. If it's within a song she doesn't mind. She likes Lady Gaga not Celine Dion. She enjoys kid's voices. Loves just about any Pop song out there and yes, puerto rican rap. I am fully aware that I lose some serious parenting points for that one. She seems to love the fast Spanish talk. The list could really go on and on. If I'm going to sing, it better be with the music and Lord knows it better be an upbeat song.

So I'll leave it up to this....Caleigh is extremely sensitive to certain tones. It seems that some tones actually hurt Caleigh and throw her nervous system off. It seems she's more comfortable with conversational type of tones, but who really knows? Caleigh is a music critic. She knows what she loves and when she finds it she is incredibly happy.
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