Made of Gray

Wednesday Bedhead

Holly D Gray3 Comments
Caleigh's bedhead is something to be seen. It actually looks halfway decent in these pictures. Her hair is growing mostly up and not so much out. I'm pretty sure a thick, twirly mohawk is in her near future. I'm on the hunt for the perfect hair product to tame those curls. My no chemical rule is making my quest a little more difficult. For now, leave in conditioner will have to do.
Birthday number 3 is closing in. My self confidence in teaching my own kid is hanging by a thread. Estimated homeschool-pre-school start date is August 30th. The list of things to do is mounting and I'm starting to feel the stress. If school isn't enough, I've got 29 things on my To-Do list not counting the shopping list! Yes, I just stopped what I was doing to count...
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