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Weekend Recap

Holly D Gray3 Comments
On Saturday, Caleigh and I loaded up and headed to Dallas to walk in the United Cerebral Palsy 1K run walk roll. I got out of bed at 5:45, all by myself, to achieve arriving on time. Brownie points for mom. Caleigh and I both are not morning people.
We showed up, met our friends, and proceeded to walk & roll. Unfortunately, the event was probably the worst organized route I've ever seen. At one point we had to push the girls up a very large hill, with mulch, roots, & rocks in the 90+ degree heat. A couple of nice guys helped push us up the hill while we were working on pushing the chairs. The course was a mess and we were told to go the wrong way. I'm pretty sure we finished first. It was even their 15th year. Oh well, always eventful. All was well in the end.
We chatted with some other parents, had some balloon animals made and stood in front of the BEST invention ever to grace 100 degree Texas heat.... A bucket of water.....with a fan attached. Caleigh loved the cool mist. She did great in her chair and I would say she sat in it 90% of the time while we were there. All time record.
Sunday was the big Birthday for Caleigh. 3.0
I didn't get a lot of photos. Mainly because my small camera decided to croak right before the party. It was the point and shoot camera I bought on the way to be admitted to the hospital just 3 short years ago. It lasted 3 years to the day, go figure.
Caleigh did great with the crowd in our house. She didn't break down over the happy birthday song. All that hard work and preparation the week before really paid off. We ate "make your own strawberry shortcake" and she even had a few bites of pureed strawberries. She helped me open all the presents. She even pulled on some wrapping paper. Gift bags don't really give you the fine motor practice anymore. So the few that were wrapped she enjoyed tugging and ripping. I'm happy to report that she didn't even have one meltdown. Caleigh is really growing up in so many ways and behavior is a biggie. She was exhausted by the time everyone left. Eric and I put our just barely 3 year old to bed about 30 minutes early and she slept all night long. We did too.
Everyone can't seem to get over how big Caleigh is. Here's a picture of me holding her. I'm 5 foot tall on a good day. My drivers license says 5'2. I might have been fibbing when the DPS lady asked me my height or maybe I was in heels. It seems unclear to me now. Anywho, 2 inches doesn't matter, right? I'm just hoping Caleigh's height is a happy medium between mommy's 5 feet and daddy's 6'1. Yikes.

We had a great weekend. A full weekend. A weekend shared with family and friends that we dearly love.
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