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Yesterday we all skipped school. The topic was about being scared and I wasn't ready to take that one on. There is a lot that a 3 year old could be scared of. Our 3 year old just happens to have basically grown up in a hospital which makes it 10 times harder to talk about with her. I needed to think about it.

So Eric made chocolate chip pancakes, we laid around and watched Sesame Street & Dora and then we headed to Dallas to pick up Caleigh's new jogger/bike trailer.

While we were picking up our order we decided that Caleigh needed a bike helmet if she was going to be riding with daddy. Caleigh tried on about 4 different kinds before we decided. Having a smaller than average head size didn't help any. Caleigh had a choice between brown and pink. She chose pink.
I can't even begin to express my Joy over the fact that the helmet has "I love my Brain" all over it! We love Caleigh's brain too!

We made it home just in time for a nap. Eric and I put the Chariot together while Caleigh laid down. The Chariot holds up to 100 pounds and Caleigh's positioning is looking great in it. I need to make one adjustment for her head and it should be golden. The one we got holds 2 children, just in case we decide to have more. I forsee years of entertainment with this thing. Years of walking, jogging and bike riding.

Our OT had to cancel at 2 and Caleigh was up from her nap. We decided to keep on trucking with our day out and head to the zoo.

Caleigh received a zoo membership for her birthday (thanks Kenneth & Gayle!) so we needed to get our pictures taken for the cards. It's been so hot that we hadn't ventured out to do it yet. Yesterday was no exception in the heat department, but we made it through.
We made our way to the air conditioned new MOLA exhibit. It's mainly reptiles and scary (hint, hint) things. Oh, and did I mention it's air conditioned! That made the whole experience even more enjoyable. SeptMola
After we walked around for a little bit we decided to head home because it was just to hot. With the membership we may make it a weekly event. I think the zoo has tons of learning opportunities.

This morning, after lots of thought, Caleigh and I sat down to do the scary preschool lesson. We talked about how mommy is scared of spiders {like can't move, scared}. Turns out Caleigh doesn't know if she is afraid of bugs, but she did tell me that she is scared of the dark and being poked at the hospital. I also added the feeling scared to her iPad so that she can tell us when she is feeling afraid.

โ€œCease trying to work everything out with your minds. It will get you nowhere. Live by intuition and inspiration and let your whole life be Revelation.โ€ ~ Eileen Caddy

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