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Progress Report

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Here's a list of fun and exciting things Caleigh did this past week:
  • While sitting on the potty, just before bedtime, Caleigh looked up at Eric and I and said {with her natural voice} "All Done, All Done." Clear as day, and yes, she was All Done using the potty.
  • While adjusting the straps on her new jogger, Caleigh wasn't pleased with the pulling and tugging that I was doing. She looked up at Eric and said "oooo,Daddy" in the sweetest little voice. It pretty much said Daddy Save Me!
  • Caleigh has climbed out of her tomato floor chair twice. Once I didn't see her do it and thought that she probably arched her way out of the chair. The second time I watched as she used her arms and legs to catch herself as she gently landed on her belly. Head up off the ground the entire time. The episode of Dora she was watching was over so I guess she wanted out of there.
  • Last night I put Caleigh in her crawler and then went into the kitchen to put some dishes away. I could still see her while I was working. Caleigh crawled right over to her ball-pit and put her arm up over the side and then put her other arm up on the side so that she could get in the ball-pit and play. Plus she likes to chew on the side of the pit. This is something that we do in PT all the time. We have actually been giving Caleigh a lot of assistance with the getting up into the ball-pit part, but now I know if she wants to do it...she will.
  • Eric made some tilt adjustments to Caleigh's Kidwalk gait trainer. He leaned it as far forward as it would go. We put some socks that have shoe bottoms on Caleigh and headed outside to wash the van. With Eric coaching her along the way, Caleigh proceeded to walk up and down the driveway. For an Hour. The steps weren't perfect although she did alternate legs the right way. The ankle, foot position wasn't great. Actually, I'm pretty sure PT's around the world would have cringed at the sight. BUT, Caleigh was moving on her own in an upright fashion ALL BY HERSELF! In recent days her enthusiasm isn't as high about walking, but Caleigh is still trying and doing great.
  • This weekend I made a foam core keyguard for Caleigh's iPad. This makes her fine motor issues interfere less when she is trying to talk to us. So I sat down with Caleigh to ask her if she liked the new keygaurd. She said yes. I asked her if she wanted to keep it on the iPad. She said no. I said, "so you want me to take it off?" She said yes. Then she proceeded to chew on her hands. I had more questions in mind to ask Caleigh, but she was ignoring me and continued to chew on her hands. In my sternest mommy voice I said "Caleigh stop chewing on your hands and answer mommy." Caleigh reached up and hit the No button.
Uh, wait a minute, did she just talk back using her iPad?

I told her not to tell mommy no. She reached up and hit the No button again. Seriously!? In true 3 year old fashion Caleigh is now talking back. Sure we hear uh-uh when she doesn't want to do something on occasion, but using her device to do it is just comical to me. I've always heard that the 3's are worse than the 2's. Well see how the next 10 months go! I just sat there and laughed!
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