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The Start of Fall

Holly D Gray3 Comments
Summer is officially over. The pool has retired, drained and been stored in the garage for a few weeks now. The tiny blow-up pool that lives in the shade didn't stay warm enough when the temps hit the 90's, plus we've had some rain. I already miss swimming with Caleigh. It was such a great part of our day.
This week we took Caleigh to the eye doctor. Apparently, we showed up on the wrong day {their opinion} but they saw us anyways. It only took 2 hours. We all decided that we should wait on any type of eye surgery until Caleigh's Artane is at a full dose. This should be in the spring. We are going to go back for a check up in 3 months.

With the coolerish weather, Caleigh has been tagging along on my morning runs in her new jogger. It's fabulous really. Light-weight and vented on all sides so that Caleigh doesn't get hot. I think it's probably too late now, but we plan on putting one of those battery powered fans inside the jogger with her when it gets warm again. I asked Caleigh what her favorite part of running with Mommy is. Going over the bumpy bridge or going fast? The speed queen that she is said she likes going fast. Little does she know that Mommy doesn't really go fast! Running has definitely replaced swimming this past week.
I'm really enjoying teaching Caleigh everyday. She can now sight identify M, A, T, 1 & 11. Caleigh can also tell me which letter a word starts with. An example would be Apple starts with A. She probably identifies letters and chooses the start letter correctly about 80% of the time. I just started trying it this week.

Everyday before we start the lesson we put the number of the day on the calendar and we put a weather stick {popsicle stick with picture taped to the top} in a corresponding day cup. We're usually outside in the mornings so I talk about what the weather is doing then. When I lay out the weather sticks in front of Caleigh and ask her to remember what the weather was like. She chooses between: snowy, rainy, stormy, cloudy, partly sunny, sunny & windy. That's 7 choices! I've never given her that many mainly because of the physical logistics. For the past 18 days, Caleigh has chosen the correct weather stick Every. Single. Time. I would say things like "remember the sun was bright in your eyes this morning" or "it sure was bright outside but we couldn't really see the sun." Probably for the past week I've tried to stay quiet and just let her choose without any hints and it's worked. I'm pretty sure we have a future meteorologist on our hands.

A sign that Fall is here....Caleigh and I are watching an Elmo Christmas special that I have on our DVR. It's one of her favorites, but it just feels wrong to watch it during the rest of the year. Honestly, if I have to watch one more episode of Dora.....

Nope, scratch that...

At least we are in our comfy home and able to watch what we want to on this rainy Saturday morning. A blessing for sure.
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