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Glitter Pumpkins

Holly D Gray9 Comments
This past week Caleigh and I worked on glitter pumpkins, and by "Caleigh and I," I mean I glittered and Caleigh hung around the kitchen. I got the idea from our friend Kristin. I think hers turned out better. Mainly because she used pink glitter. You can't go wrong with pink glitter.
I bought fake pumpkins so that we could use them for years to come. We used bronze, gold and silver glitter. I plan on leaving them out until Thanksgiving.
I haven't quite figured out how to store them. They are a mess. A beautiful mess. I'm finding glitter all over the house.

We also made it to a small pumpkin patch last weekend. It was super sunny and warm. Caleigh wasn't loving the sun in her face, but she didn't complain.

Which leads me to this photo. I think it's great. Caleigh's beautiful. OCTPP
My entire college education revolved around photographs and their artful content. I worked for several portrait photographers during those years as well. Portrait photographers are an interesting breed or maybe it is their clients? Everyone wants their child, husband, sister, aunt and dog looking at the camera and smiling. Everyone. All at the same time. The majority want to look cosmopolitan flawless as well. Retouching for years, there are several tricks of the trade. Head swapping, mouth swapping. Are the eyes problem. Acne...forget about it. This is all fine with me and the way things are done these days. It's the standard, but definitely not reality.

Getting over these terms and conditions of a "good" photograph is hard when you have a child with special circumstances. Even harder for me is overlooking the training that I've had for years. I love Caleigh's smile. She's smiling 95% of the time when her favorite music is playing. If you want her to smile you either play music or tickle her senseless. Sure, she smiles when she recognizes us and likes certain things, but she isn't a smile on command kinda kid. I've come to love the other photos too. The ones where she isn't looking at the camera and her positioning isn't great. The serious, wise and endearing stares off to the side. The moment how it really is. Just Caleigh. Exactly like the picture's perfect to me.
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