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Ladybug Halloween

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Caleigh has been telling everyone she could that she was going to dress up as a ladybug for Halloween. She even refused to tell us her real name at OT the other day. She just kept hitting the ladybug button. So we started calling her Ladybug. I think she liked it. A couple of weeks ago we went to one of those super Halloween stores and I gave her the option of three different styles of ladybug. She chose "Daisy Bug," as it was called.
The fact that she wanted to be a ladybug is mainly due to us learning about bugs the entire month of October and she received a Ladybug pillow pet for her birthday. She loves that thing. I didn't even know what a phenomenon pillow pets were until she got one that day. Now they are everywhere we go.
Halloween Eve, I gave Caleigh the option of wearing regular clothes or her costume. Guess which one won? I'm pretty sure she would pick it everyday if I let her. We got up early and spent the day at both grandparent's houses. Caleigh was exhausted by the time we got to my Nana's house and we were only able to stay a few minutes.
Eric worked today on Halloween so Caleigh and I stayed at home. We painted paper pumpkins orange. We read the book about Spookley the Square Pumpkin a few times. We went to the park so that I could run, but for some reason I was worn out and Caleigh was getting too hot in the jogger. After all, it was 85 degrees today. So we didn't make it very far.
When I got back in the van after loading everything up, I couldn't find my wedding rings. I looked around the van and in the van and then convinced myself that they were probably at home. We drove all the way home and they weren't there. So we drove all the way back to the park. On the way back I realized what had happened....I had taken it off and put it in my lap so that I could put sunscreen on my face. So it must have flown off my lap when I got out, right? When I pulled up to the spot where we had been parked, I looked out across the parking lot and saw it shining four spots away from the van. I jumped out, grabbed it and headed home. This isn't the first time that I've found the rings again. Those rings have more lives than a cat at this point!
We came home and cut open some pie pumpkins. I asked Caleigh to help me pull out the seeds. She reached in and started gagging. I'm not sure if it was the smell or the texture. Maybe both. She pulled through though and had it all over her in no time. She had a lot of fun playing with the pumpkin guts. I baked the seeds and then we got ready for bed. Nothing too exciting, but a memorable Halloween.
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