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Homeschool Preschool - 1 month update

Holly D Gray4 Comments
Homeschool Preschool is going really well. I'm definitely more relaxed now that we have been at it for over a month now. I'm no longer timing our sessions. I don't have a conniption if our mornings are too busy to squeeze in a lesson. I know that I will get them done within the month. No Biggie. That's the best thing about homeschooling, you can fit it in whenever you want. I'm usually such a set schedule person, but the spontanaity is fabulous.

Last month we learned about family and pets. To teach the lesson on fish we loaded up and went to the pet store. We came home with a goldfish. At first, Caleigh was afraid of him/her, but after about a day she wasn't scared anymore. She "helps" me feed the fish by walking in her gait trainer over to the fish bowl. We went with the simple orange goldfish, you know..... if something happens. There will always be hundreds more just like him.....just in case.

This month's theme is Bugs and Crawly Things. It's really been a lot of fun and Caleigh seems to like the idea of insects.
I've added a bugs section to her iPad so that we can talk about the different bugs and what we have learned about them. So far Caleigh tells me that the ladybug is her favorite insect.
By using the pad and getting feedback from Caleigh it makes my job so much easier. Most of the time she will answer my questions. We have meaningful conversations. There are days that she won't answer me using her devise though. Those are the harder days. Those are the days that I really don't know if she got what I was teaching. I just continue on and hope that things are sinking in. It is just preschool after all.

Then there are days like today. The preschool in a box has sight word books every month. You are supposed to teach 3 new sight words every month. So the first month I couldn't figure out how to do it with Caleigh. How do you teach sight words when your child can't talk to you? I ended up just reading them to her and pointing out the words. So this month I made it to the 3 new words and did some brain storming. I ended up adding the words to Proloquo2Go.

am, the, I

We read the book together and I pointed out the words. We went over the words a few more times. Then I had Caleigh tell me what the words where using her iPad. She did really well. She would even choose the words in the order they were written. Whether she was matching the words from the book to the iPad or she was really reading sight words, I don't know. It's a good exercise either way.

The positive scenario made me think about public school again. I didn't intend to revisit the thought, but it just popped into my head.

Would the teacher have known to try sight words with Caleigh?
Would the special education classroom even be close to working on sight words? Would they try adding the vocabulary to the iPad?
Would she even be able to use the iPad in the classroom?

Then I thought for a second about how I hadn't worried about Caleigh's education since I started the homeschool program. I seriously hadn't even thought about it, which is ludicrous because the past year was full of worrying about her schooling. It's in my hands right now and that makes the thoughts of my child falling through the cracks fade away. Just another bonus to Homeschool Preschool.
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