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New Boots

Holly D Gray6 Comments
We call Caleigh's AFO's her Boots. She got a new pair this week.

I honestly hate the things. Caleigh can pull and wiggle her feet out of them in 5 seconds flat. The time it takes to put them on, stand up and start strapping her into her stander is exactly how long it takes for her to get out of them. So then we sit back down and repeat until we are fast enough to beat her to the standing position.

Don't even try to just wear them around the house either. If she isn't strapped in and bearing weight on them.....their coming off.

For some delusional reason I had high hopes for this pair. Not sure why, they are the same AFO just bigger.

Did I mention I hate them?

The orthotics lady says it's because of Caleigh's dystonia. The extension and relaxing of the muscles over and over wiggles her out. This is the main reason she can't have hinged AFO's too. They are afraid she will do damage to her heal.

So what to do? Try our hardest to at least get her in them long enough to bear weight in her stander. This was basically the only time she wore the old ones anyways. So we will definitely continue with that.

The other option I have been looking at is the Piedro Boot. This is normally a shoe worn by kiddos doing conductive education therapy. We have a hand-me-down pair of their sandals from our friends the Lieck Family. Caleigh's feet are still about 2 sizes too small for the loaners, but we have been using them. She is taking steps in her gait trainer wearing them and the steps look good. Caleigh won't even bend her legs in her AFO's. So I'm going to figure out how to order a smaller pair of the European footwear and get Caleigh the boot version.

Anyone have any other stability shoe suggestions? I'm open minded at this point!

We've got to figure out something that works for all day wear and right now AFO's are not that something. They serve their purpose, but for kids like Caleigh...conformity isn't always the best fit.
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