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Thanksgiving Week Recap

Holly D Gray4 Comments
Thanksgiving and all that has led up to the holiday was super busy. Pies to be made. Tons to be thankful for. House to be cleaned. Lots of family over for the big day and lots of yummy food to be eaten. Actually, there is still a lot to be munching on. I know what my lunch and dinner will be for a long time to come!
I fried my laptop the day before Thanksgiving with a few dots of my favorite chai tea. I have an appointment with the Apple store on Sunday. I'm hoping they can revive it.'s a quick PSA....back up everything on your computer because you never know when your dearly beloved will give you the black screen of death! Ugh, it makes me sick, but what can you do?
My anxieties over the powerchair are getting better as Caleigh is getting more used to driving it. She is a rock star at driving outside in the open areas. She is really picking up on it quickly. We played chase Daddy around the front yard yesterday and Caleigh was right on with her steering. She seemed to be having fun too. Inside is still the more difficult area. We added a pool noodle to the foot plate just in case she does run into something, but honestly the chair will win the battle no matter what it's up against. The temper tantrums are few and far between these past few days and that helps the anxiety too. Caleigh lights up when we talk about her chair and she rarely chooses to get out of it when asked. Although asking to walk in her KidWalk and asking to drive her chair are equal right now. No preference yet. She did circles in the kitchen for everyone at Thanksgiving and smiled like crazy while she did. The crop circles are popping up all over the carpet too. She's proud and it shines through.
No crazy, Black Friday shopping for us. Yesterday, we put up the Christmas Tree and listened to Christmas music and watched Christmas movies the whole day. Caleigh is still a fan of Elvis and his Holiday classics. She's still a little young to help with the decorating, but we talked about next year when she is a pro at driving her chair and how much she will be able to help.
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