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1 yr Anniversary

Holly D Gray2 Comments
One year ago today Eric, Caleigh and I moved into our new home. We sold our old home in 4 days. The entire buying process took 21 days which is an amazing miracle that only God could have saved for us. At the time we knew the house was perfect for us and I can still proudly say that after 1 year we are still fully in love with our choice.
It's amazing to me just how much Caleigh has grown and changed in the past year. She's HUGE now!

When we first moved in I felt like I was renting someone's house. The wallpaper was crazy and the whole house smelled of "old lady." Some of the wallpaper is gone now and the real smell test happened when cousin Avery (who is doing really well FYI) came over for Thanksgiving and didn't mention the "old lady" smell followed by a "yuck!" So I think we are doing good!
There are still boxes to be unpacked. There is a whole room devoted to their storage, but I'm ok with closing the door and not thinking about it. All painting ideas are on hold due to our rambunctious toddler learning how to drive a 300 pound chair. Remodeling will continue, but on a much slower level now. Although, I will say that Caleigh's bathroom remodel is getting very close to starting.
What more can I say...we love our home, the neighborhood, the beautiful trees, the space, the caring neighbors, and the wonderful proximity to the hospital district.

We've made it our own and I couldn't imagine our lives anywhere else.
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