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Today is Christmas Eve. Today is my 29th birthday. Today we plan on hanging around the house in our jammies, talking about Christmas, watching everything Christmas we can find and listening to Christmas music all day. It will be a good day.


Christmas this year is more special than last year. Caleigh understands Christmas as well as any 3 year old could. She can tell you on her iPad that the reason that we celebrate Christmas is because of Jesus' Birthday. She can say Merry Christmas and tell you that Santa Claus brings the presents and puts them under the tree and stockings.

Caleigh LOVES for me {yes, me} to sing Jingle Bells to her. Maybe we are making headway in the singing department? She can also request my singing talents on her iPad and does so a lot throughout the day.


We started Caleigh on the bacterial overgrowth antibiotic yesterday. The B.O. isn't that bad but we want to get a handle on it before we end up repeating last winter. She feels fine actually, no fever, but the sleepiness, gas, burping and diapers have increased a lot since we went to the GI doctor a few weeks ago.

Our bathroom remodeling project started on Wednesday. It is truly going to be wonderful when it is all done. I'll do a post with photos and details soon.

Hope everyone has a Merry Eve Day!

~photos from Christmas 2008
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