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Eye Doctor

Holly D Gray2 Comments
Sometimes Caleigh's eyes are like this:
Sometimes they aren't. Sometimes she looks so completely straight at us that I know it's just a dystonic muscle movement making her sweet brown eyes go haywire.

Caleigh's Dystonia makes her strabismus hard to nail down. Is it the right eye? Is it the left? Both? What percentage of time are they crossed?

Does she need surgery to correct the problem?
This is why we had a follow-up appointment with our eye doctor today.

Caleigh can see well. She has vision. Accurate vision at that.

Keeping her glasses on is a challenge. These glasses are for distance vision so when she is playing on the floor she doesn't want to wear them. I get that. She doesn't bother them when she really needs them.

Today we decided to wait on Caleigh's Artane dose to reach it's max in February. We are scheduled to go up on it again this week as a matter of fact. Again, we wait, but the pressure to do surgery is getting heavier from the eye doctor's point of view.

Her eye measurements are variable every time we go. No set number deviated. Variable.

So we will go for a follow up in February and will probably plan the surgery that we have been putting off for 2 years. Maybe. Until then, we are going to think on it more. We aren't sure it will be beneficial for Caleigh due to her constant muscle movement. If her eyes were permanently crossed the surgery would be a whole different story. What to do...what to do?
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