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GI Appt

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Thursday we had our regularly scheduled GI appointment. Caleigh is doing so well in this department. Our wonderful nurse said that she thought about us the other day and then checked when we were supposed to come in. I hadn't called her in 3 months. 3 months! It's definitely a record.

We talked about the increase in stools and honestly his guess is as good as ours. Caleigh isn't "acting" sick so it makes the whole guessing game more of a challenge. We are going to increase our probiotics and check back in a week. We may do a round of Xifaxin for bacterial overgrowth if things aren't looking better. One day she may have 1 dirty diaper and the next she will have 6-7. The day of constipation causes stasis which is a breeding ground for bacteria. Artane causes constipation. So I think her guts are having a bit of a pull and tug battle. Even though Caleigh hasn't had bacterial overgrowth since last winter she will be at risk for this for the rest of her life.

We brought a stool sample in and it didn't have any blood in it. This is good news obviously, but it also means that the colitis isn't coming back after we stopped the ulcer medicine about a month ago.

So the feeding plan is to try and get Caleigh's feeds down to 18 hours a day. Right now we are at 20 hours. It would make more of a regular schedule during the day and then continuous feeds at night. This is going to take time. I'm guessing a month or more depending on her reaction.

We talked about food allergies and decided to wait a little bit longer to try foods.

We'll be going for a lot of labs at the beginning of the year. I hate blood work during the holidays so we are going to wait. None of them are urgent. It is a lot of vitamins, trace minerals, metabolic panel, etc. all the short gut standards.

I had pretty much stopped asking about growth charts for the past 2 years. Caleigh was overweight due to many factors, the main one being TPN & Lipids. So I went for it and asked. Caleigh is in the 50th percentile for weight and 5th percentile for height. She weighed 33.6 pounds and was 36 inches long. She's lost about a pound, but I blame the growth spurt and the gait trainer. She's just moving more. Everyone is happy where she is at. Her weight is in a good place.

Our next appointment is in 3 months. Let's hope I don't have to call until then.......
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