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On our 10 Year Wedding Anniversary

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Once upon a time.....
in a very small town, lived a very young girl named Holly and a very young boy named Eric. It was the summer of 1999. The boy was fresh out of high school and the young girl was awaiting the start of her senior year. The air was hot in June that summer. No different than any other Texas summer really. The boy was dating another girl. The girl was dating another boy. Until the night they met....

That fateful night, they were with their friends as usual. It was a large group getting ready to go to a party. The girl thought the boy was the cutest thing she had ever seen. The boy couldn't keep his eyes off of the girl. A small group left the large party and went to friend's house. Everyone went to sleep except the young boy and young girl. They stayed up all night long talking, laughing and having an amazingly meaningful conversation. The instant friends decided that they must be way more than that. By the end of the next day, they had gently let the other boy & girl down, and were now exclusive.
By the time the two had met, the young boy had already joined the Navy and was leaving for Chicago in just 2 short months. The two were inseparable and dreaded the day that the boy left. When the boy took off for boot camp the girl cried and cried. She missed her friend so much. Throughout the winter the boy and girl wrote letters everyday. The boy's graduation from boot camp was on a very cold winter day. The girl traveled to Chicago, along with the boy's mom and aunt, to see him walk across the stage.
That spring, while the girl was still in high school, the boy proposed marriage during a picnic lunch by a sunny lake. The girl said yes and couldn't stop smiling. The boy quickly left town and headed to Jacksonville, Florida. While everyone called them young and crazy; the boy and the girl planned their wedding day for 9 months.
December 30, 2000, the very young boy and the very young girl were married in a church with all their friends and family watching. The boy skirted into town 3 days before the big day. The girl wore a ridiculously large wedding gown.
Two days later, with everything they owned packed in a trailer, the newlyweds and their parents drove from Texas to Florida. They quickly settled into their new lives together which involved a bunch of great Navy guys, a 600 sq. foot apartment, the beach and one great dog named Hoosier.
Three and a half years later, with a little college under her belt and fresh on the end of his Navy career; the two decided to move back to Texas. So once again they loaded up all of their belongings in a trailer and drove back to Texas to start a new chapter in their lives.
There were small jobs to get them by. There was fire academy, paramedic school and a few different apartments along the way. The boy got his dream job as a fireman at his dream fire department. Even though she couldn't draw a straight line to save her life; the girl got into art school and graduated with her bachelors in December 2006.
By January 2007, the once very young boy and very young girl seemed all grown up and ready to start a family. The first month they tried...they we're pregnant. From that moment on the boy and the girl were parents to the strongest little girl in the world. Through her many struggles, their baby girl helped them lean on each other more, become stronger and more faithful than ever. They were forever changed for the better.
10 years from the day they we're married really does seem far away considering the life that was lived during those years. The boy and the girl hold the details of all those years close. Some highlight moments shine through, others fade into the back of their memory. How life would be different for the boy and the girl if they had alluded fate that hot summer night more than 10 years ago.

That once very young boy and very young girl can only look forward to the 10, 30, even 40 years that are yet to happily come.
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