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Snowman Updates

Holly D Gray5 Comments
The month of December is well underway. Today we painted a snowman with shaving cream. Messy, very messy, but fun.

I'm typing this post on my recently revived laptop. The Apple geniuses fixed the logic board and replaced the very cracked and worn case. Apparently, the stars had aligned and I had 130 days left on my warranty. No questions asked. The most exciting outcome from the whole ordeal....they were able to save everything.
We weaned Caleigh off of the ulcer med, Sulfasalazine, about 2 weeks ago. She did well initially, but ever so slowly the dirty diapers have taken over. Today alone she had 7 dirty diapers and went twice in the potty. It's nothing but liquid, and Caleigh's energy has slowed. I'm not a magic stool reader, but I can tell that the blood is back just by the way it smells. Yes, I smell's just part of the short bowel mom job. So we'll start the ulcer med back up and see how things go. Until the irritation slows down we will be in the business of diapers galore, tons of laundry, extra baths, and tubs of diaper cream.
Caleigh's powerchair driving is going really well. We usually get a driving session in twice a day. Caleigh lasts about thirty minutes to an hour. Today she ran into the curb, reached up and hit the reverse switch, and then turned right to miss the curb. There are little moments like that that make us really excited about Caleigh's future in her chair. Our DME company is going to bring out a joystick for us to try for a week as well. We should get that on Monday. It was my choice to have them bring a joystick. Even though the switches are working well; there are some issues that we are having. We'll see if it works. Either way Caleigh is doing really well.
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