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Early January Happenings

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January Cal&dad
This month, so far, is flying by. Yes, it's not even a week in, but it feels like it should be February already. I've been digging through the to-do list and fortunately things are falling off of it quickly. From appointments, supplies and therapies; there is a lot to get done before Caleigh starts her intensive therapy.
made of Gray has taken off to a great start with several purchases. It's really exciting to get that email saying there has been a sale. It makes me giddy and excited about art once again. Who knew?
Caleigh is doing great. She is done with her round of Xifaxin for bacterial overgrowth. Her tummy is flatter and her symptoms are better. Caleigh's stool is looking better as well.

Today I took Caleigh to get lab work done and to get an x-ray of her hips. The labs are our normal every 6 months tests. We check for vitamin deficiencies, electrolyte balances, liver numbers, etc. It's a lot of blood to take for such a little girl, but it's just twice a year. We did the hip x-ray to make sure there isn't any sublaxations before we start the 3 week intensive therapy. Just a precaution that is required. This time around I was talking the whole situation up. How we were going to take beautiful pictures with a large camera and how the nurse was going to squeeze her arm to make sure she is healthy. Today was a milestone. Caleigh didn't cry, wince or object to anything that we asked her to do. This coming from the girl that would freak out the moment someone looked like a nurse or doctor. I praised her like crazy. We talked about what a big girl she was. How brave she is and just how good of a girl she is. Caleigh grins from ear to ear when we talk about it. For something so non-enjoyable, her understanding of the matter made it much more acceptable than in the past.
We've also gone up on Caleigh's Artane dose once again. We only have 2 more increases before she is at the full dose. That's one month away. I talked with our neuro's nurse in length about Caleigh's eyes crossing. She said that there is usually drastic improvement at the full Artane dose and of course the older the child gets the stronger the muscles of the eye get. She agreed that we should wait and see how the medicine helps her eye movements.

And finally, the bathroom's still happening. They started the week of Christmas but with all the holidays they really haven't been here everyday. We are on the down hill now. I'm tired of the dust and the strangers coming in and out of our house, but I'm excited to see the results. I'll post before and after photos when things are all done.

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