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Hip Dysplasia & PowerChair Update

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Today I got a call from our neurologist office. They are the office I asked to put in the order for the hip x-ray. We needed the x-ray before starting intensive PT on the 24th of this month. It's a good thing we were required to get that x-ray. Apparently, the x-ray shows 50% left hip dysplasia. My first thought was "isn't that what large dogs get"? I had a friend once upon a time with a dalmatian. Long story short it had hip issues. I got a crazy picture of Caleigh with black spots hobbling along with 4 legs. Call it shock I guess, but nevertheless, it was an interesting reaction to such news.

So, it basically means that Caleigh's hip is on it's way out of place. Right now it is not dislocated. I've read all about the hip problems kids with CP can have. I guess I was naive to think that none of those things would happen to Caleigh. We move Caleigh from place to place all day long. She moves herself constantly. She isn't in a stagnant positive for more than 30 minutes at a time. We do weight bearing in standing constantly. Our therapists are checking for these things all the time, but Caleigh's hip isn't doing the typical clicking that happens with hips being dislocated. So what gives?
We are working on an orthopedic appointment to find out more. 'Google University' says that the fix for such a thing can range from just watching it, bracing it, surgery and then spica casting. We will just have to see what the doctors have to say.

The new hip information won't be a problem for our scheduled intensive therapy. It's good information for the therapist though. Certain positions can be altered to accommodate the hip. Our regular PT is going to show us stretches that can help during our session tomorrow. For now, Caleigh acts like nothing is hurting her.
This past week the wheelchair people came out and brought the new bracket for the current joystick. We re-arranged this and that and they left. They didn't exactly bring everything that I had asked for, but little by little things are getting done. I will say that this bathroom remodel has reminded me just how little people communicate effectively between each other even when they work closely together.

tiny side note:
Make. A. List.
Your life and mine will be a lot easier.

As soon as the wheelchair people left I could tell that we were at a crossroads with Caleigh and the joystick. The positioning that should be ideal, just isn't. Caleigh tends to pull in towards her body making the chair go left...and only left. Her fingers fall off the joystick easily over and over. She can't go a certain direction on command and stopping is dictated by her tone. She seems to sit up better with the joystick though.
With trying the joystick for over a month now; I thought it might be a good time to re-visit the proximity switches. So Eric and I spent our semi-snowy Sunday morning moving things and hooking up the switches for Caleigh to use. We mounted the switches under the tray and put a sticker on the top of the tray where Caleigh will need to touch.

I have to say that all of the above complaints about the joystick aren't an issue with the switches. The switches have their own issues. The main one is that Caleigh tends to look at the tray making sure she is on the "star" that she wants to be instead of watching where she is going. I'm hoping that after the placement has been the same for awhile she won't need to look down so much. Caleigh can stop fairly quickly and if I ask her to go a direction she generally does.

We've asked for a vest of sorts instead of the chest strap shown in the picture above. The strap has to be way to tight to hold Caleigh up. The vest should help hold her shoulders back as well. We also need to lower the foot plate for a better leg position. Caleigh has apparently gotten a bit longer. Always little adjustments to be done. For right now, we will stick to the switches and hope that Caleigh's driving skills improve.
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