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It's been over a week

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Since the last time I posted we had a very dear family friend pass away. She was my second mom while I was growing up. She would tell me when I was doing wrong, acting silly and would smile the biggest smile when I did something right. I felt she was proud of me and I will never forget that feeling. I love her dearly and will miss her more than I even know right now. It's been really hard for so many reasons.

Which leads me to my next thought. Self-Involvement. I have been so self involved with our life, and what is best for Caleigh that I feel like even though we go to the store, library, zoo, therapies; I feel like we aren't paying attention to what is happening around us. I forget to call people back. My email is full of messages from other parents needing advice. Getting though the day to day is exhausting and by the time I go to bed all those things are still waiting and weighing on me. I feel inadequate lately. I feel like I couldn't possibly add another person or story to the line-up. I could have been there more for our friend while she was so very sick, but instead I filled our time with the mundane daily activities we have wrapped ourselves around.

Showing up in other people's lives is definitely something to strive towards in the new year.

Since I last posted we scheduled an orthopedic appointment for Caleigh's hip dysplasia. It's around the middle of February. We've been stretching Caleigh's hamstrings while supporting her hips, but honestly she's not tight at all. Her legs allow us to stretch all the way with nothing but normal resistance. So we may be blaming her dramatic growth spurt this past year. We'll see.

Since I last posted we have sold 5 prints in my Etsy store: made of Gray
Every little bit helps and I'm still excited to be waving goodbye to my art.
We also made a bit of a discovery in the last week or so. Caleigh can add. That is addition. Math. Right now she knows 1+1, 1+2, 3+2, 2+2, 3+3, 4+4, 5+5, 5+1, 4+1.....just about all the under "10" questions. I was a bit shocked when I first went through the basics with her so we did it again and she got it right....again. Thank you Dora & Sesame Street because Lord knows I didn't teach her that!
Caleigh has also been doing sight reading with her preschool studies. Each month we learn three new words and we have a book using those words. I hold the book, the iPad and Caleigh. I need an extra hand, hence the lack of video on this one so far. I read the words that she doesn't have in front of her on the iPad. When I get to one of the 3 words Caleigh will touch it and the iPad will speak it for her. Essentially, she is sight reading, it just takes longer.

This past week during speech therapy, instead of touching the word 'Love' on her iPad Caleigh decided to say the whole sentence "I love you." with her very own voice. Once during the story and then again when we asked her to read the page in front of her. So she said it and read it twice.
The bathroom remodel isn't going as smooth as planned. There are a lot of issues and hierarchy to go through. The company didn't show up 4 of the 5 days last week, but honestly after the week we have had, I don't care. You pick your battles in this world. Time is precious and so far no one has been paid a penny. The bathroom will get done and it will be done right, but at this point I'm not losing sleep over it.

Caleigh's intensive physical therapy starts tomorrow morning. I'm ready to get things going and we are very excited to see how it goes.
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