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A Bloody Mess

Holly D Gray7 Comments
This morning Caleigh woke up, we sat her on the little pink potty and she went, just like every morning. It's Caleigh's one consistent potty time. This morning was different though.
We sat her up and there in the potty was tons of bright red blood. Eric and I were stumped for about an hour. We ran through any changes we had made.

Caleigh doesn't get food, just Elecare & Pedialyte. Occasionally we offer avocado and sometimes an organic sucker. No new foods lately.

We came down to Sunday, 4 days ago. I took Caleigh to the zoo where she promptly told me that she wanted to go home and that she was sleepy. She was fussy and her allergies were bothering her. That evening Eric and I decided to start Zyrtec for extra allergy protection. We already give the nasal spray Vera-Mist, but occasionally we need something extra. Caleigh's nose was runny and she had taken the med in the past.

Come to find out, Zyrtec has lactose listed as the 3rd ingredient.

It only took 4 days this time for Caleigh's intestines to react to the milk ingredient. Her reaction is becoming worse and happening faster each time she is exposed.

Again, I feel like the worst parent ever for not checking the label. Who puts a common allergen in an allergy medicine anyways???
Caleigh had a total of 4 bloody stools today. She tells us that her tummy hurts. Our GI wants us to start her back up on the ulcer medicine Sulfazalazine. She's been off of it for months now. I hate that we have to start it back up. He wants us to do a round of 3 months to ensure her intestines are healed. We are going to watch her stool over the next few days now that she isn't getting the Zyrtec. Hopefully the blood will go away. Hopefully her pain will go away.
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