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Climbing back in the Groove

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The past several days have been super busy. Coming off of a 3 week therapy session makes it hard to get things back to normal around here.
We had bathroom remodeling people over all day Saturday. I'm pretty sure that the bathroom done. I'm trying to stay optimistic can't you tell?

On Sunday, Caleigh and I went to the zoo. The weather has been absolutely wonderful. It's a far cry from the last two weeks so we are eating it up. Caleigh asked to go to the zoo so we did just that. All the animals were out enjoying the sun as well.
Valentines Day started with a dentist appointment. Caleigh didn't bite the hygienist near as much as she did the first time she had her teeth cleaned. I would say that's progress. Her gums look good and there aren't any cavities to be seen. She does have some hair-line fracture looking spots on her teeth. This is from previous teeth grinding, but she really hasn't been grinding her teeth lately. There isn't anything we can do about them. So all is well for the next 3 months until we do it all again.

Caleigh had PT that afternoon and then we did a little bathroom decorative shopping. We enjoyed the lovely weather again.
Caleigh 2-15-11
Today was our first orthopedic appointment. Eric and I were talking about inviting a new doctor into Caleigh's care team. We haven't had a new doctor in well over a year. Which has been really great. It's nice to have everyone in the know. The new guy had read Caleigh's chart and knew about her. He is young and wears a beard to probably hide the baby face that makes him look younger. He was nice and interested in what Caleigh had to say on her iPad. Caleigh told him "bye" first thing because I had told her that as soon as the doctor came in we could go. Guess I better think my bargaining through next time. She told Eric and I that she felt frustrated about being there. She wasn't exactly pleasant, but we were able to talk through it. So he checked Caleigh's hips, spine, neck, ankles and knees. The good news is that Caleigh's bones are fine. He thinks that her left hip isn't actually 50% out, or 50% hip dysplasia as the radiologist thought. The thought is that her left hip socket is more shallow than the right. She is still growing and that could actually fill in more. So the hip really isn't out of the socket. The socket is more shallow and it tends to look like it is out more than the right. Caleigh's right femur is slightly bowed more then the left but nothing to be worried about. On the x-ray we could see the hundreds of staples in Caleigh's intestines from the STEP procedure she had in June 2008. We could also see the damage done by the lack of nutrition that Caleigh suffered during the first year of her life. Her bones have a cloudy, squiggly-line look to them as a result. Just a reality of a short bowel kiddo. So really there isn't much to do right now. We have a follow-up appointment in six months where we will do another x-ray. Waiting and Watching is always good news to us.

I plan on trying to get things moving again for the remainder of the week. I feel like my wheels are spinning and I'm not going anywhere. I'm sure I will get back into the swing of things soon. To-do I come.
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