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Day 3 - Ice Day

Holly D Gray3 Comments
We are 3 days into our ice vacation. There is still a solid sheet of ice everywhere. So schools are canceled and we are once again missing intensive therapy. It might not be very intensive by the time we miss a week of it? I'm bummed, but what can you do about ice?
{after the pigs were set free}

We played with Caleigh's hair yesterday. I haven't done pigtails in a long time. Her hair sure has grown! We are practicing sitting a lot and watching a lot of movies. Nothing to exciting, but relaxing nonetheless.
Last night was our final increase of Artane. Caleigh made it all the way. She is getting 12mg a day now. Life with Artane is really good. I can't imagine going back to the movements of before. Just like all medications; our good results may not last very long. So we will take what is happening right now and be thankful.

Really there isn't much to report. Just some good 'ole icy day photos and a chance to post about.
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