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Ice Day = Off Day

Holly D Gray5 Comments
The ice started falling about 1am this morning. I woke up from the pellets hitting the window hard. The thunder that was simultaneously happening was comical to say the least. Only in Texas.
Eric went into work about 2 hours early to avoid the icy roads and he made it safely. Caleigh and I slept until 7:30 knowing that we would be missing intensive therapy for today.
There wasn't much snow and what did fall mainly flew around the air because the wind was blowing fast. The temperature is supposed to be 10 degrees tonight. Wind chills below O. Apparently, the coldest in 20 years, or so the weather people say.
Caleigh and I haven't ventured outside today. These photos with the door open was about as adventurous as I wanted to get. It's too cold, everything is solid ice and Caleigh's nose is a bit stuffy. Better safe than sorry.
I got bored really early. Caleigh has partaken in every piece of equipment we own. We've watched Dora, Strawberry Shortcake and read a ton of books. We've done home-school preschool and we've done a lot of the intensive exercises. Caleigh is sitting at her lap tray watching Dora as I type. Sitting very well.
We may hit the repeat button for tomorrow. Texas likes to shut down on days like these. I guess since there is only a handful a year; they tend to come as a pleasant vacation.

Stay warm and snuggle your loved ones tight....I know we will!
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