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Last day of Intensive

Holly D Gray4 Comments
Today was our last day of intensive PT. Caleigh did really well this week. We missed Wednesday this week due to icy roads. So in total we missed a whole weeks worth of therapy.
Caleigh is stronger now. Her head control is better and she is pushing up on her arms more. Her shoulder strength is getting better and she is helping pull herself up into sitting better. Overall, the therapy has really been wonderful.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of this type of therapy and the time restraints there is no other time to make up the lost days. The money for the extra days will go towards our next session. So all isn't lost, but I do think we could have gotten a little further along if the weather hadn't wrinkled our plans.
We have a folder full of exercises and photos to do daily and there is only 9 weeks until our next session.
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