Made of Gray

Last week 25% off - made of Gray

Holly D GrayComment
We've been open for a little over a month now and things are going really well. Feedback is wonderful and it feels really nice to be working with my Art again. It makes things even more rewarding to be doing this for Caleigh.
I'm figuring out that Etsy, just like everything on the internet, has it's scams. I got really excited about being contacted to buy one of my 22x22 originals locally. The email conversation ended up looking like a Nigerian bank scheme. I was disappointed for a second, but have definitely moved on.
Now that the new has worn off and we are settling into the world of online sells; it's time to say goodbye to the grand opening coupon.
The grand opening special of 25% off will be ending this coming Sunday on February 13th. Just enter grandopening2011 at checkout to receive your discount.

Happy Shopping!
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