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One more day inside

Holly D Gray8 Comments
Day 4 of our winter storm brought several inches of the pretty white stuff. The snow was a lot nicer to look at than the ice, but it still meant another day at home. We officially missed 4 days of intensive therapy this week. We should be able to make up the time, but the ice has really put a damper on the intensive part of it.
We've done a lot while shut-in at home though. Besides going a little stir crazy it's been nice for the most part. Having the chance to catch our breathe and not have some sort of therapy, appointment or person in our home this week has actually been the best part. Not that I don't love everyone in our lives, but honestly it's nice to take a break.
Yesterday, we decided to tackle the guest bedroom. Since the day we moved into this house everything 'extra' has made it's spot in that room. If I didn't know where I wanted to put it; it went in that room. If someone was coming over and I needed to hide a went to that room. That room was my junk drawer. Combined with the almost completed bathroom remodel and you have a big dusty mess. I was scared that little animals or small neighborhood children might start moving in. Seriously.
So here is the Before. There was a spot to walk in, but really no empty floor space. Notice the inch thick tile dust covering everything. Yuck. It's almost like a Where's Waldo Photo. Caleigh's crib and anything that she has outgrown in the last year also resided in this room. Bookshelves, the old mattress, roll-top desk and photography's all there and then some. Up until now, we have had the bedroom door closed. Out of sight, out of mind. I couldn't stand to look at it anymore.
The After. Due to the 4 day shut-in spree I didn't buy anything for this. Mainly the goal was a clean out and clean up mission. Accomplished. So I know your totally jealous of our retro curtains, right? They came with the house and probably original 1976. I think I'm getting a little fond of them. Our mattress is on the floor because apparently we ditched the bed frame about 3 moves ago. You can actually see the floor! The one box by the window still needs a home, but I'm pretty proud of the progress in less than a day. After all it took over a year to get that way. The dust is gone and the Gray's officially have a functional guest bedroom!
Who knows what we might get accomplished if we get iced in again? I feel a ton of weight lifted off my shoulders. Clutter in your home equals clutter in your head. I've felt a lot of clutter in my mind this winter. So this morning I woke up and cleaned the whole house. Really cleaned and de-cluttered. I sit here tonight feeling a little dusty and extremely light weight. I'm able to think more freely. I highly recommend it!
Tomorrow we break free. There is still snow on the ground, but the temps are supposed to get high enough to let it melt some. A grocery store trip or just a drive is definitely in order.
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