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Adaptive Bathroom Remodel - Part 1

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Caleigh's bathroom remodel is officially complete. As a matter of fact, we broke in the new roll-in shower area last night. I've been asking Caleigh for over a week, every night before bed, if she wanted to try the new shower and she would promptly turn me down. A few days ago, I added the word "sure" to the iPad and it is officially her favorite new response. Is your shirt pink? "Sure" Do you love to swim? "Sure" So we asked and she said "Sure." Come to find out she was scared of the whole shower experience. So after the deed was done she told us "i like it." Success.

The bathroom project lasted from December 22, 2010 to March 1, 2011. 69 days. 2 months and 7 days. Initially, we were told 2-3 weeks, but we were privy to construction habits and reputation. The whole situation was an absolute mess that I won't hash out here. A tiny example would be the number of times the painters came out {7}. I can say with confidence that Eric and I are now DIY homeowners. Period. The End.

Ok, now on to the good stuff. You know you want to see before photos, right?
Our house was built in 1976. The hall bathroom was set up as a Jack and Jill style. Two bedrooms fed into the tub and toilet area. The hallway door went into the sink room. This was the craziest set up. We had already removed the door between the sink and toilet/tub room. Four doors and one tiny room. Seriously, when doing your business you had to watch 3 doors and hope that no one came bursting in. It was a bit too much for guests to handle.
When bathing Caleigh I had to dodge the door that led to her bedroom. The typical flourescent lighting made the already small room seem even more closed in.
There was a massive linen closet with a hamperish thing at the bottom. It was useless.
Check out the towel roll on the floor. That was my knee cushion during many a bath. There was a classic granny handrail on the tub wall and a yucky single pane frosted window.
The closed cabinets underneath the cultured marble, shell molded, sink were totally inaccessible for Caleigh. This doorway was even smaller than the standard 32" which means the tiny walkway in was as well. We didn't even think about taking the wheelchair in there.
Here we are after the demo day. Even though the room is a wreck; it already looks better. Bigger.
I don't know how many times we dusted during the whole process. Remodeling is not for the allergic at heart.
Awesome wallpaper. The previous owner left us a whole roll of this stuff. You know, just in case we wanted to use it in another part of the house. Uh, no.
View from Caleigh's room. The left door is her closet and the right door leads to the tub room. Imagine the massive linen closet squeezed between.
By reducing Caleigh's closet depth and removing the linen closet we widened the entrance to the bathroom tremendously.
Here's a photo with the drywall up and the shower frame in. The entrance doorway is now 3 feet across. Mr. Jack and Misses Jill are long gone. Probably down a hill somewhere.

Of course, I couldn't fit the final product photos into this post so you will have to check in later for the Big Adaptive Bathroom Reveal.
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