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Adaptive Bathroom Remodel - Part 2

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And here's the adaptive bathroom after!
If you missed the before photos you can click HERE.
The morning light through our new window makes all the difference in the world. It's really just beautiful.
Caleigh's roll in shower has a ramp up into the shower area. The drain is slanted towards the middle so that the water doesn't run down the ramp. There are a few splashes that escape but so far so good. We use a squeege after each shower to try and cut down on the water just sitting on the tile.

From the moment I Googled "wall mount sinks," and saw the LaToscana wall mounted ceramic sink; I knew it was the one. It's stylish and most of all it doesn't look like a gas station ADA bathroom sink. It's completely accessible as far as roll under space. We measured Caleigh's wheelchairs and decided what height to hang it based on her needs. The cool thing is that the lip of the sink comes out further than the base which means she can get even closer to the faucet when needed.
For paint colors we went with blue hues. It's a bathroom, why not? We wanted something that wasn't too dark, but at the same time we needed color because of all the white tile. We decided on Sherwin Williams Refuge for the walls and Sleepy Blue for the ceiling. The two colors are on the same paint strip. We picked the sleepy blue for the ceiling, again, because of the amount of white tile in the space. I'm so glad we did. It really makes you notice the ceiling.
Same thing as the sink, the tile choices I had picked out long before the project started. We chose Octagon and Dot ceramic tile for the floor. It reminds me of the old hexagon porcelain tile from the early 20th century. This tile makes my retro heart swoon.

The "wainscoting type" of wall covering is done with 3x5 subway tile from Daltile. It's a tile pairing that is often done in Victorian houses. The cleanliness of the duo is what drew me in.
The floor rug is from Urban Outfitters. It gorgeous and fluffy. Unfortunately, we will probably have to use it in another room. It's made from silk scarfs. Silk and water don't mix. I was so excited about the look and dimensions that I missed the silk part when ordering. I got click happy. So I'm brain storming on another idea for this space.

We already had a nice Kohler faucet that the previous owners had recently installed. We were all set to use it until the sinks came in and needed a single hole mount. The Kohler faucet was three holes. In a bit of a hurry we found this Moen Brantford Chrome one handle faucet. I like it and the single handle is really easy to move. The faucet goes with the sink style really well.
P1000639 P1000661
In the process of adapting the bathroom, it was decided that our toilet was new. It is a Kohler and it is an updated taller version that is often used in accessible restrooms. We have a rifton toilet chair, but Caleigh's tush is still too small to use it. I went out and bought a Baby Bjorn Toilet Trainer. The toilet seat is so easy to use and fits on any toilet size. We take it everywhere with us. We use a stool from Ikea that is the perfect height for Caleigh's feet to rest on. She's been using the potty with this system amazingly. Probably halfish of her "go" times are on the potty now depending on our schedule. Lately, all of her stools have been on the potty!
When deciding on bath accessories I was really stumped. I looked at bamboo and other natural elements, but I wasn't convinced. Eric and I made a trip to a local antique store where I found Moon and Star Glass. It's age is anywhere from the 1880's (doubtful) - 1970's (probable). We bought a few pieces at the store, and then I came home and found more on ebay alot cheaper. I'm in love with the pattern and the amber color. Again, the morning light is just magical, don't you think?
When we decided to do full tile walls, we immediately found out that the sound in the room was completely too loud. Think canyon type echos. I came up with the idea of Fabric Wall Panels and I couldn't be happier with the look. It's fun & playful. I still have 4 more sets left over from my project. They are $65 for the 6 panels and there is free shipping in the US. Check out more photos HERE.
We used our original mirror, but we had it cut down to a more usable size. We swapped out the fluorescent lighting, added two can lights and a 3 light fixture above the sink. We also added an exhaust fan to the bathroom mainly because our new window is solid and not able to open.
Lastly, while at the antique store, we picked up these Glass Electrical Insulators. I thought the blues would work really well in the room. The sun bounces through these like sun through a warm car window. I remember a childhood friend's house having the insulators everywhere. Childhood memories always tie a room together. Something personal.
So there you have it. I hope you enjoy the bathroom remodel. I know we are. Caleigh thinks it's fun to take a shower, and my backache is thinking showers are way more exciting!
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