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Life is Sweet - Powerchair Practice

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Life is Sweet - Rabbit

This video is long overdue. I guess I have been waiting to catch the perfect powerchair driving skills and the truth is that we just aren't there yet.

Switching between the joystick and the proximity switches slowed things down. This last round of intensive therapy has helped Caleigh learn to push her arms away from her body more. This makes it easier to push the switches and hold them down.

I have a feeling she is pushing the switch, the chair moves, she lets go, looks up, pushes the switch, the chair moves, she lets go, looks up....see the pattern here. I think it's difficult to keep her head up looking and concentrate on pushing the switches at the same time.

Winter has been hard on practice time. Caleigh gets extremely frustrated trying to drive in the house. She has a much better temperament outdoors. On a good day, Caleigh will stay in the chair for maybe 30 minutes before wanting out. I would be lying at this point if I said we have been practicing everyday. I need to work on it because I think the more we practice the more time she will want to spend in the chair. I'm going to look into practicing at a local gym so that we can continue driving in a wide open space even when it starts getting too hot outside.

In the video, taken today, Caleigh is wearing the cervical collar. It seemed to work out. Some days she can do without.

Caleigh understands directions. Left, Right, Forward, Backward, Stop, Go. She does well with them if there isn't an urgent need to make the move immediately. For instance, Caleigh ran straight into the shrubs today. We kept saying stop, but she just couldn't get her arm up off the switch in time. After we reversed her out of the bushes she actually thought it was quite funny. I need to let her run into more things. Safely of course.

The good news is that even though she gets frustrated with the chair; she still asks to drive it almost everyday. I think this shows determination with independent movement. She is trying and that is all that matters right now.
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