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Spring Break For Us

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This past week was our Spring Break in a round about way. Eric ended up getting the flu last weekend and was down for the count for about 4 days. Caleigh and I got our flu shots way back in September, but Eric was going to get his for free at work. He missed shot day and never ended up getting one. So he got the flu, type A.
He made it through, but just to be safe we canceled all of Caleigh's therapies. We didn't want to be spreading it around. By mid-week he was better and went back to work. I had already canceled everything so we went to Ikea for an entire afternoon. Caleigh did wonderfully in her chair. She didn't fuss once. We picked up some stuff for the bathroom and met an adorable little girl with a ton of energy and a trach all in the same trip.

The next day, again no therapy, we had our GI appointment. Caleigh talked on her iPad the entire time. It went a little something like this:
"I missed you"
"My name is Caleigh"
"I feel sleepy"
"I want to go to sleep"
"I want to go home"
"I want to go in the car"
It was really cute. She's getting quick with her choices and if she doesn't get want she wants she finds a way to say it differently. Like maybe she isn't getting her point across the first way? We are so blessed that she can communicate this way.

As far as GI stuff goes, it was decided that Caleigh had an event, a bleed. She still has blood in her stool two weeks later. She may not be producing the enzymes that break down sugars. This could explain the bleeding event after having lactose. Lactose is the sugar, whey & casein are the proteins found in dairy products. This may explain the intolerance of suspension medicine as well. The binders are usually sugar or sugar substitute based. The only way to find out if the enzymes are there and doing their job is a scope & biopsy. We decided to wait until the bleeding has stopped and she has been on the ulcer med for 3 months. The doctor ordered some blood work and a stool sample. Our next appointment is 3 months down the road.

That afternoon, we decided to take Caleigh to the zoo. Eric hadn't been in awhile and the weather was perfect. There was hardly anyone there and Caleigh was super alert. Turns out that it was the best zoo trip we have had so far.

Now that the weather is warmer, they had the bird feeding area open. There are a lot of parakeets and such in an open, but netted area. You buy some seeds on a stick for $1 and the birds come to you. You also pray that you walk out without any bird souvenirs. This was Caleigh's first reaction:
It got better from there. She was trying to "pet" the birds, grab the birds and in general she really loved it. Every time we bring up the bird experience she smiles now.
The next day we went in for the blood work and brought Caleigh's stool sample. It's taken us probably half a dozen trips to the same lab at the children's hospital to find someone that can get access on the first try, but we have found her. Caleigh has a crooked vein that she gets first try every time. Caleigh also doesn't cry anymore. We talk her through it starting in the car on the way there. She's getting to be such a big girl. So brave.
Yesterday afternoon, Eric, Grampa and I got away for a little bit and went to the home and garden show at Cowboys Stadium. It was nice, but I was hoping for a more HGTV kinda feel. Lots of venders trying to sell the next best thing. We had a good time though.

That's it. A great week. A nice break from all the normal stuff. It makes it hard to go back to therapies after a week like that. A break is definitely what we needed though. It has helped my funk and my spirit. I feel refreshed and ready to get back to things.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!
You can view more zoo photos HERE
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