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Weekend Trip

Holly D Gray1 Comment
Saturday morning we loaded up, loaded up and loaded up the van as full as we could and headed to Oklahoma with The Briggs crew.
Jocalyn summed up the trip so I won't bore you with the same post. You can read all about our weekend away and see more pics of the girls HERE
Caleigh did wonderful and kept telling me "more" when I asked her if she liked her trip away from home. She loved it. We are so very blessed to have found such wonderful friends that are very much like us. We all had a great time.
By the way this is the first trip away as a family from our little comfort zone. We have a 2 week road trip planned in July and I think this was the perfect practice adventure. Although I'm not sure how much more we can fit in our van!
Here's a photo of Caleigh on St. P day. Every morning when I ask her what she wants to do she tells me:

"I need to go potty"
"I need to get dressed"
"I need to brush my teeth"
"I need to comb my hair"
"I need to put my socks and shoes on"

So this photo was after we did all of that. I think she is tired of staying in her pj's all day.
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